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Online Intuitive Tarot Workshop

Online Intuitive Tarot Workshop

Working with Tarot Cards

My Intuitive Tarot Training Course has been a great success with previous students. Allowing you to grasp the true meanings of the cards before looking at the book meanings.

This Tarot Course allows you to work  with your own intuition while learning the more traditional meanings of Tarot and Oracle Cards. Giving you a definite advantage  and confidence. These interactive workshops allow you to learn and gain enough experience through reading tarot with a group first before perhaps going on to read for others.

The course can be taken in your own time via online workshops. I will cover both Major and Minor Arcana and using spreads. There will also be an opportunity to interact with other tarot students and develop your practical skills.

Once you have paid for your workshop I will send your a meeting link to enter the workshop.

If this is what you’re looking for, register your interest today. Feel free to reach out with any questions or to learn more.

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