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This online workshop is covering:• Major Arcana• Intuitive Reading• Working with Tarot SpreadsBenefits of courseIn this course you will learn how to read tarot cards, using your own natural intuitive ability. There is no need to rely on the tarot books.Everyone has intuition and within each tarot card there are symbols relating to different aspects of life that will resonate with your own intuition so that you are able to find the meanings relevant to you.Cards will be discussed individually providing you with a foundation to base your readings. No two readers are identical but the information given will enable you to do a proper reading. More and more people are now consulting the tarot to help them make informed decisions. In this class you will learn there is no right or wrong way to read the cards only your own way.You will learn to read the cards from day one. If you already have your own tarot cards that you are used to working with then that’s fine. If not, ‘Rider-Waite’ is the most popular card deck recommended because they are easily obtained and there is a lot of material out there relating to their meanings.You do not need to spend hours, reading books trying to learn how to read Tarot. In this interactive class you will learn from the very beginning. See how the tarot story will unfold.Part 1 we will work through The Major Arcana. You will discover how to interpret each card individually, starting at The Fool and working our way through to The World.Part 2 we will work through the minor Arcana - working with through the suits wands, cups, swords, pentaclesPlus:- Working with tarot spreads – we will look at various spreads that can be used during a reading.Cost: £25 per session per person.

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