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Petalite works on tumors / cellular regeneration. It is a protective stone that can soothe and smooth the aura, allowing total relaxation and peace to fill the person.
It initiates movement of kundalini energy, creating an energy vortex where the crystal is placed, allowing for a stream of energy to continually flow into the area so it rebalances and stabilises the bodies’ energy.

Carnelian is cleansing and purifying a stabilising stone, Carnelian restores vitality and motivation

Smoky Quartz dissolves negative / emotional blockages allowing positive energies to enter, aligns the physical meridians and ethereal ones for balance, is protective and grounds excess energy.

Sugilite: is a great all-rounder. It balances Mind / Body / Spirit by opening the chakras and letting the kundalini energy rise through them, as it does it cleanses and purifies them drawing healing energy into the body. It works on the Pituitary gland (where all the visions are created within our reality), it relieves stress, assists with forgiveness, releasing negativity, and if it has black manganese in it – it will draw pain into it.


Disclaimer: Please note all the information contained above is for information purposes only. It is not recommended as a means of diagnosing or treating any illness, all matters concerning physical and mental health should be supervised by a health practitioner knowledgeable in treating that particular condition.


Crystals to Help fight Cancer


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