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This set includes:


1 x Rose Quartz 1 x Rhodonite 1 x Garnet supplied in a small pouch.


Rose quartz: is known as the love stone since its pink rays bring out the energy of love. It helps the user feel a strong sense of self-worth and enables love to be accepted into your life. We need its energy to allow love to be brought about in our hearts and in our life.


Rhodonite: is another favourite love stone because it is an emotional balancer. This crystal helps you attract love and brings the positive aspects of it.

Garnet: is supercharged with passion and desire, and is a great choice for those who are already in a relationship as well as of course, those “looking for love”. Garnet is said to fan the flames of attraction between two people. This would be a great stone to wear in jewellery, or carry with you when on a date. Carry a piece in your pocket or enhance the energy by carrying all three stones together.

Crystals to attract Love & Romance


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