Buy all 3 sessions Vision Boards with Jane Innis

Buy all 3 sessions Vision Boards with Jane Innis

Vision Boards with Jane Innis – 3 part course


I like to call them a Visual Alignment Tool (VAT) because we are looking at aligning our energies in a certain way.


A vision board is a powerful tool for reconnecting with your inner guidance. It can be a direction that is opened up to you through symbols and pictures. Allowing you to connect with the work and life you were meant to be living.


We will be working on what is mirroring in our lives, so what we are putting out and what is returning to us.


Over three sessions you will be guided through the process of creating a beautiful vision. We are going beyond just sticking pictures of our desires on a board and hoping they appear on our doorstep. We will be looking at changes that we need to make, the gifts we have to give and share.


Session One


We will be starting with meditations and visualisations to ask for guidance, to remove the blocks to the life you know is within you. Allow yourself to be open to guidance, opening your heart to new possibilities. Also giving thanks and gratitude for the wonderful things that are happening in life, and allowing more opportunities to enter. We shall be looking at attitudes and situations that no longer serve, releasing them and letting go.


We shall be working on our individual intention with the process


Session Two


I shall be supplying the boards, some magazines, glues etc but please do bring along a photo of yourself and any other magazines that attracts you.


We shall be using techniques to guide us in the process.


Session Three


We shall be finishing off our boards, and learning how to connect with them in meditation and visualisation, reviewing and further blocks that may be challenging on our path.

We shall be creating daily rituals that we can incorporate into our busy lives and learn to grow in awareness so that we can see when we are avoiding, delaying or being fearful.


There are only twenty places, book now to secure your place.


As an introductory rate for the new centre, each session is only £8 or you can book in advance all three for £20.




Lorraine ‘Violet Moon’: I did this course with Jane a few years ago and it is quite interesting to see how my vision board helped me. I wanted to open a place where I could do workshops and circles in a tranquil place over looking grounds with trees. I wasn’t able to buy anywhere but back in 2014 I obtained a licence/Lease work overlooking the Norwood lakes at Waterside Centre. I had a view from my room /events and workshops room of the lake, the park, the tennis courts and the most beautiful trees and grounds. The views were exactly as I had envisioned them.


Dates for this workshop are: Thursday 23rd May, Thursday 30th May, Thursday 6th June



    £24.00 Regular Price
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    3 sessions
    Book all 3 sessions: Book all 3 sessions

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