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Meditation and Psychic Development Develop your psychic abilities …

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

There are of course many aspects of psychic & spiritual development from chakras to astral projection. One of the most important tools we have to use in psychic and mediumship development is meditation. For this reason, meditation is used extensively in all kinds of psychic and spiritual development courses. There are many meditation techniques to try, but a good technique is guided visualisation.

Try this short meditation exercise:


Begin your meditation by sitting comfortably on a chair or if you prefer on the floor. Close your eyes and observe your breathing for a few minutes, until your mind become still. As you breath in and out you feel yourself becoming more relaxed.

Visualise yourself sitting in the centre of pure white light, you are completely surrounded by this protecting, cleansing energy. You feel calm and relaxed and you feel yourself becoming lighter and lighter. You see yourself flying high above the earth, feel the air around you, supporting you as you fly high in the sky. You become more and more relaxed.

Visualise or sense yourself looking down on the earth. You become aware of the rivers, the sea, the mountains that seem to call to you.

You allow yourself to gently float down, experiencing the stillness of being so high above the world. Continue to take long deep breaths feel yourself being gently guided down into a beautiful crystal cove completely covered with bright crystal jewels of every imaginable colour and shape.

Within the beautiful crystal surroundings, you hear the sounds of running water and very soon you see a wonderful sparkly white light energy pouring out from a fountain that just appears within the cove. You step into it and feel the sparkly white light energy showering away any dark or stagnant energies, and you see it wash away and pour down into the mountain cove then drain away.

You allow anything you need to release, (think of this now), and visualise this as a colour washing away. Feel the sensation of this beautiful white light cleansing you and clearing and negative blocks. You are now cleansed and ready to step out of the shower, you feel refreshed, invigorated and energised, completely enclosed within the cleansed energy. You feel your eyes open, you are back.

Were you able to do the above exercise easily? Are you ready to develop your own abilities further? If the answer is yes, click here to be taken to my course registration pages.

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