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Channelling: Automatic Writing/Psychic Art

Hi Everyone

Following on from our conversation on Friday, this week I want you to open to spirit in the usual way (Basic light exercise included below if you need it). You can visualise a colour or a blend of colours if it helps you.

Taking a few deep breaths to expand the colour (s) this is your aura. Keep doing this until you feel that you have raised your vibration.

Basic Light Exercise

Opening up

Visualise a bright white light coming in through the top of your head, if you want you can visualise adding another colour e.g. gold or any colour that you feel calm and relaxed with.

See the light completely surround you until the light surrounds you above, below, to the right, to the left, then you can expand it as much as you like. This is a basic protection light shield. Try to sit in this energy for a good 5 minutes or more just relaxing and feeling the protective energy surrounding you.

This is a personal psychic shield and should be done regularly as part of your daily routine. If however, you are engaged in any psychic work of any type e.g. healing work, then you should do it as often as you feel necessary.

Exercise 1: Automatic Writing

Sit comfortably with your body open and relaxed. Breathe deeply and imagine yourself tuning into your higher awareness and the wisdom of your higher guides. Just take your time until you feel relaxed enough. Ask for a spirit guide to come forward. Ask for guidance to be given that can be expressed through the automatic writing. Visualise your personality relaxing and stepping to one side. When you're reading just allow your hands to move freely across the paper. When you feel you have finished just bring your focus back to consciousness. Don't worry if you have scribble. Take a break before going back to look at the writing again. It is important to disconnect from spirit before coming back to look at it again so you can see objectively. This exercise isn't easy but spirit wanted you all to try that this week.

Exercise 2: Psychic Art

At first you may think this is impossible. However, repeat the opening up and relaxation as above then when you are ready you can just allow your hand to be used as before. This time drawing. It may take some time but just allow yourself to be guided any way you feel. I know if you are not a good artist in general it will be more difficult. However, give it a try, you may find that you have drawn someone you recognise or a loved one of someone you know. This may be a skill you develop over time but for now do the best you can. As above is important to disconnect from spirit before coming back to look at it again so you can see objectively.

Closing down

When you are ready to come out of this light attunement (closing down) just visualise yourself closing down. You can of course visualise yourself in Archangel Michael's blue cloak of protection coming down from the top of your head right down to and under your feet and feel yourself rooted in the ground. You can close down in whichever way is best for you.

Have a great week


7th June 2020

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