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Psychic Test

Psychic Test

Q1: Have you ever:

A Had a strange feeling that you've witnessed some new situation or episode on a previous occasion?

B Known what somebody's going to say next

C Never felt you've lived through a situation before or anticipated an event.

Q2: When the phone rings do you:

A: Sometimes know exactly who's unexpectedly calling?

B: Guess wrong but the next person to call is the one you were originally thinking about?

C: Never think about who it may be

Q3: When lost while driving in a strange town have you ever:

A: Depended entirely on your logic to find your way?

B. Recalled a dream of the location?

C: Follow your instincts and drive straight to the address?

Q4: Are you a person who:

A: Is the life and soul of the party?

B: Likes to express themselves but not excessively?

C: Prefers to keep their counsel?

Q5: When things go wrong do you:

A: Become withdrawn or depressed?

B: Remain anxious but hopeful.

C. Brush off your troubles and maintain a high optimism.

Q6: Are you:

A: Logical and systematic in your thinking?

B: Have good innovative ideas?

C: Extremely creative and artistic?

Q7: When you sleep do you:

A: Dream in colour?

B: Never dream?

C: Occasionally dream of events that happen in reality?

Q8: Do you:

A: Keep an open mind about the existence of ESP?

B. Accept it as completely true?

C. Believe it's all a load of rubbish?

Q9: When you look at cloud formations do you:

A: See the shapes of faces

B: See a multitude of changing pictures

C: See clouds.

Psychic Test Answers

Add up your quiz score and see how psychic you really are:

Q1: A 3 points, B 2 points, C 1 point

Q2: A 2 points, B 3 points, C 1 point

Q3: A 1 point, B 3 points, C 2 points

Q4: A 3 points, B 2 points, C 1 point.

Q5: A 1 point, B 2 points, C 3 points


Q6: A 1 point, B 2 points, C 3 points

Q7: A: 2 points, B: 1 point, C: 3 points

Q8: A: 2 points, B: 3 points, C: 1 point.

Q9: A: 2 points, B 3 points, C: 1 point

How did you score?

9 to 14 points- You've a long way to go.

15 to 20 points- Very good - probably telepathic.

21 to 27 points- You have a very strong ability

Are you interested in taking your psychic and/or spiritual development further? I have an Introduction to Mediumship and Psychic Development Course taken over 10 sessions online starting September 2018. Click here for more info A certificate will be given at the end of the course.

If you prefer the course can be taken over 10 weeks by joining my upcoming short fun interactive workshops in Croydon. A certificate will be given at the end of the course.

Reference: Prediction Test Craig Hamilton Parker

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